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Driving Lessons

Extra road practice driving a "Class 5" passenger vehicle

Our practical road lessons allows you to gain extra practice driving on the road with the company of an experienced qualified instructor.  With the instructor you can drive confidently knowing you are in safer hands with someone to look over your shoulder for things you might miss as a new driver.  Our instructor provides you with constructive feedback when needed to ensure you grow into a safe independent driver yourself. 

This session is perfect for students who need additional practice hours to prepare for the road test or even those who already have their driver's license but feel out of practice or not quite confident yet.  

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Practice Drives Excellence

Road Practice Lessons


or $200/6hrs

Ready to conquer the road? Our road practice are tailored to your needs, helping you gain confidence, experience to refine your skills, and drive with assurance. 

Note: Ensure you hold a  valid "Class 5" Passenger Vehicle learner's permit.


we offer

Road Exam Prep

Navigating unfamiliar roads can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Boost your confidence with our exam prep lessons or exam car rental service.

Our instructor guides you through the SAAQ exam area, helping you avoid surprises. Learn stop sign and traffic light placements, perfect your parking, and face the test confidently. Be fully prepared with this practice session.

Note: Ensure you hold a valid "Class 5" Passenger Vehicle learner's permit.

Book an Appointment

Ready to take the wheel? Reach out to us to schedule your driving lessons. We're here to guide you in becoming a confident, safe driver and pass the exam! 

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